Amazing /co/ventures cover page

A currently ongoing /co/verse crossover event comic featuring several /co/ created characters.

It can be read here.

NOTE: As Amazing /co/ventures is still ongoing, this pages can become out of date very quickly.


Work began on the comic sometime during or prior to the first half of 2012, with the first hints of it being the introduction of one of the comic's original characters, Casey, to /co/ threads. Further information was dropped during July of the same year when the primary antagonist, Blood Chain, was brought up in a thread to spitball ideas on what his powers should be.

A number of rough panel sketches are also available in doodle dumps, provided one knows where to look for them.


Bare bones version:

  • /co/lette origin story for this setting which introduces Casey, The Justice /co/mrades, and Chaptor.
  • 10 years later, during the 25th annual Justicon meetup, an incident occurs.


Speaking roles:

Cameos (either as cosplayers or in the background):

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