Anomalous Norm

Real Name



Anomalous Norm


Sageworthy Society




Robot (male chassis)

Sageworthy Trait

Spamming the same content every. Single. Day.

A core member of the Sageworthy Society.


After INTERNET HATE MACHINE was repelled from /co/ve, he determined that he would need backup if he were to ever take the city and so he reached into the internet and grabbed something that was once probably a spambot, pulled him into the physical world, and uploaded it into a mechanical body. Thus Anomalous Norm was created and his army of spambots, both mechanical drone in the physical world and programming in the digital world, laid siege to /co/ve... unfortunately CAPTCHA shielding had become standard some years prior making Norm's efforts largely ineffective on thier own, though with assistance bypassing the shields, this is a force that is not to be taken lightly.

Norm is a man who feels no emotion. He is a man of routine who lives only to do exactly what he did yesterday. One day as El Capitan was walking though town gloating about how amazing his powers are, he decided to start a fight with Norm to show off. Norm easily defeated the powerless El Capitan who could not feed off his hate. Fighting El Capitan is now part of Norms daily routine as he considers Norm to be his greatest foe.

In an alternate Universe, he became President and killed Jetpack Viking leading to an increasingly twisted timeline.


Since Anomalous Norm has no emotions, he is able to make decisions far easier than most people. He is also not affected by abilities meant to induce emotions of any sort (powers that can induce love, pain, fear, ect. have no effect on him). This lets him face opponents that others wouldn't, resist temptation (even powerful psychic persuasion), and do things normal people would be far too afraid or embarrassed to do.

Even though he does not feel pain, allowing him to push himself farther than most people, he can still be physically injured or killed. He just doesn't feel any pain, pleasure, love, hate, jealousy, anger, spite, happiness, etc. This also renders him immune to mind control.


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