Anti Rock Paper Scissors
The Mercs

Real Names



Anti Rock Paper Scissors


Sageworthy Society





Specialized against

Gayzor Beam, Cannon Gay

A specialist sub group of the Sageworthy Society, they are hired mercenaries.


The mercenary group known as Anti Rock-Paper-Scissors is a mystery by and large to /Co/ City. Why they are here, where they came from, and what they want, besides beating repeatedly on Gayzor Beam and Cannon Gay are all questions that never get answered. They're definitely not homophobic, as they've worked closely with Faggot Tree in the past against the Fabulous Duo, but their intentions and their motivations remain unknown. What is known is that the group is closely associated with the Sageworthy Society, and are definitely one of the more brutal threats faced by the Justice /co/mrades.

Together the three of them are nearly unstoppable, and they don't show any signs of giving up (or, for that matter, paying attention to any of the /Co/mrades other than the Fabulous Duo, at least until those /Co/mrades start hitting them).


Super-strong, practically invulnerable, and has kickass boots (look at those things! Ya think they're custom-made?). Intelligence is unknown.


Can transform himself into pure information and travel via any nearby pathway such as telephone wires, TV cables, and fiber-optics. He can also copy the ability of any superhero he faces, with the exception of anything related to fire.


A master swordsman with a psychotic streak and a heavy-duty suit of armor; he's known for suggesting the path to the solution that will involve the most bloodshed.


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