Arctic Vice

Real Name

Aurora Vice


Arctic Vice


Vixen Six






Nick Vice (Father)

Created during this January 2014 thread as part of an all-female crime gang.


Her father was an 80s hero who fought all types of crime in the outer boroughs, like a one man A-team with mind powers. As more heroes started popping up he holstered his guns and settled down to have a family, occasionally gearing up again through the years to get drug pushers, thugs, and gun runners out of his city.

He thought that the life of adventure and intrigue was far behind him until the day that his daughter became a walking cold front. He now he has to deal with the fact that his daughter has started down the road to super villainy, gearing up again even though he is getting too old for the hero game.

Aurora herself is shy and untalkative by nature. With a mild Brooklyn accent and a small 5'2" frame that is very unimposing. She doesn't really care (or possibly even know) that her dad is trying to put an end to her career of crime before she does something irredeemable. She's a founding member of Vixen Six and its unofficial leader.


Very mild freezing abilities:

  • Kiss - Can temporarily freeze people by a kiss on the lips, unfortunately her shyness seems to prevent use of this very often.
  • Burn - Can create localized freezer burn on touch.
  • Aura - A cold aura which permanently emanates from her body.


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