Big caskets

Real Name



Arms, Arms Guy, Casket Arms


Full Body Beat Down


Evil, Neutral?





He first showed up on August 27th, 2013 as a random drawing of a guy with big robot arms. The image got re-posted every so often and more images followed.

He was never given a proper name.


Deep in the maintenance shafts of the floating city, there exists the silent man.
His smiling mask is an enigma, is it the smile of a sadist, or just the childish smile of someone who doesn't know any better?
No one knows who or what he really is, only that he puts the squeeze on anyone or anything that crosses his path.
This man, who was hailed as the Hanger Fight King, now walks among us on the surface... with others somewhat like him.
They look for work, they want a purpose for the only thing they know how to do.
He is willing to put the squeeze on anyone for you, for the right price.

He just showed up one day and started fighting with anyone who opposed him, and because he never talks, no one is sure why. His silent shtick has caused some to accuse him of being a mime of some kind. He's also almost always smiling, no one is really sure what he's thinking most of the time, or even if he's fully aware of what he's doing.

After being a solo act for a while, he fell in with Facepunch and Crotch Rocket's company and started rolling with them. Now he's at least a little more predictable since he goes with whatever job his team takes.


He has freaking huge metal arms that seem to get bigger and tougher every so often. They pack a pretty big punch and he usually does most of the heavy lifting for his team.


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