Arthur Vidara
Arthur Vidara
On the right


Arthur Vidara




Unaligned/Rebellion forces




Mid 20's

A member of the core group of characters from BreastQuest.

Biography Edit

Born in the DFC megacity to a well-off family, as an adult was enrolled into the discipline of the Empire's armed forces where he was trained as a sniper.

It was while on a mission outside of the massive confining walls of the city that his life would be changed forever. When his natural benevolence conflicted with an order to take the shot on a "wasteland barbarian" that was clearly no combatant it led to a scuffle with his spotter, a veteran dedicated to the nation's cause, that proceeded to end poorly for the old soldier.

In shock at everything that occurred Arthur walked off into the wilderness never to return to his birthplace, instead he hid his former vocation and dedicated himself to the protection of innocent people living in the wastes as he drifted from place to place, using the very same skills he had been taught to bring harm to them in their defense.


Tall and imposing, he gives off an aura of a hardened warrior, but in reality he's very approachable and well-mannered. A classic good guy, he works as a bodyguard escorting busty women across the dangers of the wasteland. Although he takes a payment for his services, if they genuinely can't pay he'll do it for free.

A heroic spirit coupled with a body of steel, he can be overbearing in the pursuit of good. Smart but hard headed, it's difficult to convince him to change his mind once he's set it to something. While his commitment to justice is as true as can be, he tries hard to avoid fights if at all possible. Despite his combat skills, he'd prefer to take the easy way out.


Peerless with a rifle and an experienced knife fighter, he's more than a match for the half-baked gangs of raiders that roam the land.

Gallery Edit

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