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Barbra Blacksheep (also known as Barbra, Barbara, and Barbaa) is the third and final member of the Sheep Trio.


Barbra was initially a mixed concept due to all the fuss over her name, but /co/ knew one thing was definite: There was another sheep in the works. Bigger, stronger, detestably hotter depending on whether or not it was your fetish. One that would send them all to the dark side.

The official nomenclature of this third sheep is still debated, but the design has held true for all who fall under it.


While sharing the basic body shape of her two counterparts, she seems to be a inch or two taller, with much thicker... everything. From her larger breasts, bigger butt, thicker lips, hips, and hair.

She has her wool sheared exactly like her sisters on her one piece, while the wool on her head has grown so large it has begun to eclipse her eyes, resembling that of a large afro.

Her skin is also a dark delicious brown.


Barbra has been described as "a VERY bad sheep" even more so than Peggy, although her bad deeds are done in the dark. She is a strong independent black sheep who don't need no ram, and carries her self as so, willing to defy even the farmer who shears her.

She does however, have a soft spot for those close to her


Leggy and Barbra go way back, being friends as little lambs. Being shy and timid as she was, Barbra looked out for Leggy as if she were her little sister from another mister.

Peggy and Barbra don't always see eye to eye (technically, they never have, since Barbra's eyes are obscured by her wool), but they get along fine. Barbra doesn't like it when Peggy messes with Leggy, though, so sometimes she has to put her in her place.


  • Barbra's name works on two levels
    • A reference to the English nursery rhyme, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, made in 1731
    • It sounds similar to barber, a person who cuts or shears hair or wool
  • The original plan for her was to be clumsy and bit of a dimwit compared to the other two. It was changed thanks to some popular fan-fiction made on /co/ featuring Barbra


For a more comprehensive gallery, see the booru.

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