Betty Volare
Betty Volare 2

Real name

Betty Volare


'Battlin' Betty Volare


Cosmic Crusaders







Spawned from the basic idea "A female Rocketeer", Betty Volare was created in the same June 9th, 2011 thread that created Cobalt.


"Battlin" Betty Volare, daring aeroplane pilot of the 20th century! Men wanted her and women wanted to be like her! A pioneer, an adventurer, and a nation's sweetheart! A heart that was broken when she disappeared in a freak electrical storm during one of her longest flights ever. Turns out that she disappeared when she flew straight into a battle between aliens running away from their despotic government, and though she managed to help them escape, she was badly wounded in the effort. 

Concerned about her health, the alien rebels merged her with her plane, turning her into a flying engine of liberty, a swooping symbol of freedom, a jolting jet of justice and judgement, who even now fights a covert battle against an insidious enemy that lives and plots within our very borders!

She's spent the last 70 or so years traveling through space righting wrongs and fighting for what's right, and is now returning to Earth hot on the heels of a diabolical extraterrestrial conspiracy to consume our planet's atmosphere and turn it into energy for their war machines.

But Battlin' Betty knows that the best way to fight your enemy is on your own terms -- in your own backyard. And for Betty, the entire sky is her yard... and she ain't givin' those two-timin', two-dime alien ding-a-lings a single darn inch of it!

At some point one of her inventor friends made a new suit for Cobalt which allowed her to fly for short periods of time.

After a very long independent career, she would respond to a call and join the Cosmic Crusaders, a task force with the goal of preventing supernatural/paranormal disasters before they occur.


Since she was merged with her plane she now has a sort of airplane armor that appears when it's time to fly. Along with flight and space travel, the eye-patch is hiding a mechanic eye that she uses when flying and essentially gives her a HUD/targeting system, but since the eye isn't the prettiest of sights she tends to keep it hidden when around people. If she takes it off, then that's bettyvolarish for "someone's about to get their butts whooped".


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