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Male or female


Over 20



/3/ - 3DCG (3-D Computer Graphics)

Board created: January 19th, 2005


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Female version

/3/-tan is depicted as male just as often as female; there's no real consensus to /3/-tan's gender.

Constants between both designs are 3D glasses of some variety, wireframes being present somewhere on them, and possibly red hair. A large "3" can also be found on whatever clothing currently being worn.

Usually seen with a tablet of some kind.


/3/ is thought of as creepy, but /3/'s not doing it on purpose; /3/ just enjoys conjuring abominations. Has the ability to vanish into thin air or clip through solid objects, which is ordinary to /3/ but spooky to everyone else. /3/'s rather oblivious as to why everyone thinks of this as weird.


/a/ is terrified of /3/ and and thinks of /3/ as disgusting.

/co/ is weary of /3/, sometimes greatly disturbed, sometimes greatly impressed.

/x/ makes creepypasta about /3/, thinking /3/ is a monster.

Gets along well with /gd/ and /po/, who share some interests.

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