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Depicted as early 20s


/m/ (brother), /co/ (cousin), /vp/ (kids)

/a/ - Anime & Manga

Board created November 8th, 2003


/a/'s board-tan originates from Three Angled Blue's second comic, Rage vs Cancer, where /a/ is depicted as a girl who advises /v/ to steal the Cancer Lord's crown and is then later held captive by him. Over the years, /a/ re-worked the girl's design into a trap (because /a/ is full of anons who wish to be the little girl) with the only recognizable holdouts being the medium black hair and flower hair pin. An antenna-like strand of hair (ahoge) was added and used to express emotion, glasses of various frames were also added. Always depicted as flatter than a six year-old can of soda.

Typically /a/-tan is shown wearing a skirt and a pink shirt with a large "/a/" on it.


Two words sum up /a/-tan's personality pretty well: elitist and tsundere.

Extremely "my tastes > your tastes" which was probably brought on by being spoiled by mods and tsundere because that's an anime stereotype. Enjoys reading untranslated manga despite a very rudimentary understanding of Japanese, is constantly obsessing over power levels, and gets jealous if anyone is stronger than him. Can be very scheming as well as opinionated about anime and manga.


Openly hostile with almost everyone, especially /v/ (whom /a/ somehow conceived /vp/ with despite both being male). The only person he isn't hostile towards at all is /c/, who he treats as a little sister and is protective of. He's also paranoid about /c/ discovering the secret of his gender or his magical "girl" powers. May or may not be gay as hell, but still has an obsession with loli.

/co/ is a cousin of his and is on somewhat friendly terms with as long as it isn't about anime or manga. He gets along well enough with his brother, /m/, whenever they actually watch anime together. /jp/ openly holds disdain for /a/ for being English only.