Jacolyn 1

Alt Name

J/aco/lyn, /aco/lytes






J/aco/bi (sister), /co/nrad (cousin), /Aco/rn (sidekick)

/aco/ - Adult Cartoons

Board created October 9th, 2015

Notable for being the first image board created during Hiro's ownership of 4chan.

It took 6 months before enough people finally stopped caring about the waifu war that went into /aco/-tan's creation for anything to really remain solid.


J/aco/lyn's is a cowgirl depicted wearing a cowboy hat, red vest, blue chaps, cow pattern slip, and black eye mask. "/aco/" is engraved on her belt.

The logic for her design is as follows: /aco/ is the western comic porn board and the Lone Ranger mask signifies her relation to /co/.

The creation of /aco/-tan was a troubled process due to waifu wars, spammers, and the usual stubbornness seen on 4chan in general. After several months with no discussion about it on /aco/, it became apparent that the cowgirl design was favored on every other board that gave a damn about board-tans.

/aco/ castEdit

In the /aco/ setting, J/aco/lyn and /Aco/rn are like the sheriff and her deputy, they rustle up /d/eviants and eastern hentai that have wandered into /aco/ territory.

  • J/aco/lyn - Normally gets into sexy situations without really trying, wears skimpy clothes.
  • /Aco/rn - The native American girl, J/aco/lyn's sidekick, doesn't talk, is more perverted than J/aco/lyn.
  • Madame Pe/aco/ck - Runs a brothel called the /aco/rral and does not allow Asians inside. The daring duo owe money to Peacock and stay/work at her brothel. Madame Peacock sends J/aco/lyn on missions to purge evil from people.
  • The Reverend - The local priest with an eye-patch. Wise and very kindly, but easy to anger.
  • J/aco/bi - J/aco/lyn's sister. Having different fathers, J/aco/bi is black.
  • /Aco/lyte the aco-wizard - The local perverted wizard. Through experimentation he created Blob-tan. He is the stand-in for "Anon of /aco/", and the best customer of the /aco/rral brothel. Sevres as a lesser /co/smic One on the larger /co/verse stage.
  • Blob-tan - A lump of flesh created by the /aco/lyte to be the perfect board-tan. At least he can form into everything an /aco/lyte can think of. It stands for the many different fetishes of /aco/ and the possibility to chapeshift into everything desired. It came from the fact that the board was indecisive to choose the main board-tan.
  • M/aco/ Paco the hero-tan - Cute ball head girl, cosplays superhero stuff for the customers.
  • Miss Tress - The local "villianess". Heavy into s&m.
  • /Aco/-tan - The ward of the Reverends and a heavy Disney Fangirl. She might look innocent, but looks are deceiving.


J/aco/lyn is /co/nrad and /mlp/'s cousin from the other side of the family (no relation to /a/ and /m/). She'd like to be on better terms with her cousin, but it's just too hot on a blue board for her to keep her pants on. She makes /co/nrad uncomfortable.

Has strong feelings about /d/, who she likes to blame for most of the problems. They fight and then fuck because of their crazy high sex drive.


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