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/adv/ - Advice

Board created: January 25th, 2010.


/adv/-tan is never seen, there is always something obstructing him/her. Usually a big armchair like what a therapist sits in, or a book, or a newspaper, or some other board-tan.

There's a high possibility /adv/-tan is actually just Advice Dog.


/adv/ has a tendency to both ask for and give advice (usually the former). The most frequently asked questions are about relationships, usually concerning some trivial or immature facet of them.

The advice /adv/-tan provides is questionable, but it's brutally honest and sometimes sincere; at worst, inquiries about unfamiliar things will be ignored.


Most of the other board-tans are smart enough to take /adv/'s advice with a grain of salt or not visit him at all.

Gets annoyed with /r9k/ very quickly.

Has a fairly good relationship with /soc/, even if she never really listens to what he has to say.

Gets into arguments with /sci/ about psychology as a science.