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Mid 30s


/k/ (husband), /out/ (daughter)

/an/ - Animals & Nature

Board created (in its current form): April 8th, 2006.


/an/-tan is often depicted as a woman in her mid-thirties with shoulder length chestnut hair, light freckles, hazel eyes, and an athletic build. She usually wears practical clothing like overalls or jeans.

Always has either some sticks in her hair that look like antlers or a flower crown.


She's tomboyish, but occasionally wears girly clothing. Loves and respects all animals, but despises the extremes - whether that be an animal abuser or PETA. Has many, many pets, almost all which are named Biscuit.

Very respectful of nature in general, and enjoys gardening, hiking, and fishing. She likes teaching others about the world of animals and nature and how to understand and share the world with animals. Inquisitive about what makes animals behave the way they do, and what makes them so special.

Although she's polite and well mannered, she's not afraid to speak her mind. Can be very assertive and demanding when an animal's health is in question.

Seems to be able to summon bears.


Her love of nature and all things outdoors made her and /k/ an ideal match, and although she doesn't really approve of hunting, she still goes with /k/ on his hunting trips to make sure he uses all of what he kills. Their daughter is /out/.

Gets along well with /ck/, for whom she regularly provides cooking ingredients for.

Tries to be like a mother figure to the younger board-tans and teach them about nature with limited success.