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Early 20s


/sp/ (brothers)

/asp/ - Alternative Sports

Board created: March 18th, 2013.


/asp/-tan is depicted as a young man with blond or light brown hair, an athletic build, and kind of short. He always seems to be wearing a nose strip and sports gloves (usually MMA gloves) of some sort with "ASP" printed on the knuckles. Prefers sleeveless warmup jackets and sports shorts.


He's very aggressive, daring, active, and reckless. He loves alternative sports like boxing, karate... really any form of martial arts, he's way into MMA. Also likes BMX, running, surfing, and a bunch of other things, but just not as much as the martial arts.

He's quick to start fights and jump into ongoing fights. Will often misinterpret propositions, suggestions, and other stray words as an invitation to fight.


He has an intense rivalry with his brothers, the /sp/ twins; they will fight over absolutely anything. /asp/ is able to hold his own despite being outnumbered and about a foot shorter.

Childhood friends with /out/.

Plays paintball with /k/ sometimes.

Spends a lot of time at the gym and has a friendly(ish) rivalry with /fit/.

Was invited to the 2014 Winter Ball by /hm/. /asp/ he thought it was a fighting tournament and just beat up everyone in reach when he arrived. Had a good time regardless.

Doesn't like /mu/ because he "stole" away /out/ from him.