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/b/ - Random

Board created October 1st, 2003


Due to the nature of /b/, their board-tan has no consistent appearance. It has been depicted as a hoard of anthros led by one with animal ears of some kind, as a massive slob, as someone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, but most commonly it's just represented by the standard green faced, black suit wearing Anonymous.

It's also sometimes represented through various monsters that terrorize, or at least annoy the other boards.

The Cancer LordEdit

Bros coming to visit

Cancer lord with /b/ros

The main antagonist of Rage vs Cancer, the King of /b/ (at the time anyway). Always depicted as having sharp knife-like teeth, giant forearms, wearing a crown, a medallion, and having a belt buckle with "/b/" engraved on it.

The /b/ hoard unleashed him thinking he could be controlled, but they were wrong. The Cancer Lord is simply the horror of cancer, in itself, personified. His only purpose is to consume and infect everything he encounters with no exceptions.

This character can be attributed to the creation of (or at least the influence behind) at least one villainous character in the /co/verse settings, INTERNET HATE MACHINE.


It is defined mainly by its contradictory nature, capable of great acts of evil or good (and often times done simultaneously). Loves novelties but tires of them almost as quickly as they come to the forefront and then either despises them, celebrates them for years to come, or tries to pretend they never existed.

Is full of self loathing and self importance. No one hates /b/ more than itself, though /b/ unconditionally loves cats.


In settings where all the board-tans live in the same house, /b/ is the landlord who comes to collect the rent, other than that, /b/ prefers to be left to his own devices. He may partake in the activities of other boards, but he'll just as easily cause trouble for them, especially /x/.