Biz dad

Alt Name





20s or 30s, maybe older



/biz/ - Business & Finance

Board created: February 13th, 2014.


/biz/-tan's appearance is disputed. He's usually a male and always in a suit or at least wearing a tie.

Some versions he looks like a normal guy with glasses, other versions he's a 1980s businessman dad.


He's either bored out of his mind most of the time, or busy making money, or figuring out how to save money, or inventing life hacks or something.

Or he's embarrassing the anon who plays the part of his son/daughter.

His personality is about as stable as his design.


Talks about bitcoin with /g/.

Does not get along at all with /pol/ after he photoshopped /biz/ into looking like Bayonetta and printed it onto a body pillow to take to the 2014 Winter Ball. /pol/ also thinks /biz/ is Jewish.

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