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Depicted as about 10



/c/ - Anime/Cute

Board created October 6th, 2003


She is always depicted as a child who has long blond hair, in which she is almost always seen wearing two heart shaped hairpins on each side with "/c/" printed on them. She favors pastel colors and dresses which she usually wears a large bow on the front of.


Innocent and sweet (to an almost sickening degree), she loves everything and will listen to anyone, but has a very short attention span. She is also oblivious to many of the more mature or adult things happening around her (she never picks up on any sexual innuendos); her unnaturally high good luck keeps her out of harms way though.

She uses Japanese words mixed with her English on occasion, usually when referring to someone else.


She refers to /a/ as her "nee-chan", and truly does seem to treat /a/ as an older sister, though she is completely oblivious that /a/ is male. She usually hangs out with other child board-tans like /cm/ (whom she may have a crush on), the /vp/ twins, /i/, [s4s], and /out/.

Took /pol/ to the Winter Ball in 2015, dressed as a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement, and encouraged /jp/ to join them. Took [s4s] the following year after promising /int/ that nothing would happen between them. They wound up designing each other's dresses and bought a tandem bike to race in the Winter Ball Wacky Races.