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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Board created: April 8th, 2006.


/cgl/-tan is depicted as a girl with a petite figure, pink mid-length hair (occasionally worn in pigtails), and almost always wearing a dress of some kind. She's frequently seen in EGL (elegant goth lolita) or in some form of cosplay. Every single part of her appearance is rigorously maintained and the amount of work she puts into herself at all times is apparent.

She's often seen with a seagull or a seagull accessory. If you don't get it, think about it, it'll make sense.


Cgl bagman
A crazy cross-dresser who never takes his bag off; the bag is often labeled "/cgl/." He attends countless anime/manga and video game conventions wearing his self-made weeaboo knockoff costumes.

Often trolls females, whom he considers bitches and whores, in an attempt to steal their attention. Will photoshop his own pictures badly. Has a tendency to try and impersonate the actual, female /cgl/ who it might actually be friends with, somehow. How did that even happen?


She tries her best to give an outward appearance of acting cutesy, but on the inside she's vindictive, jealous, and mean-spirited. Incredibly difficult to please due to the high standards she has for both herself and others. Her hobbies include dressing up in EGL and cosplay, as well as manufacturing said cosplay. Otherwise she tends to concern herself with drama and the vast list of things she hates about other (usually female) boards.

Her ability to appreciate others is based entirely on their superficial features; she cannot stand it when anyone looks more like a little girl than she does (even actual little girls) and will look for any opportunity to spite them.

A huge bitch most of the time.


She has been known to dress up like other board-tans and even OC from from other boards when she finds them interesting.

She has a fondness for /a/, seeing him as so lacking in femininity that she looks great in comparison.

Likes /fit/ and /fa/, though both of them ignore her. /fit/ is too into /fa/ to notice her, and /fa/ despises her for the way she dresses. She still thinks of /fa/ as a brother though. Will put on a superhero costume to try and get /fa/ to notice her whenever /fa/ gives into vigilantism.

One of the few boards even /pol/ won't get involved with, her bitchfits are that legendary.