Ck becky

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Late 20s/early 30s


/co/ (husband)

/ck/ - Food & Cooking

Board created: April 8th, 2006.


/ck/-tan is depicted as a woman with light brown hair that she keeps either shoulder-length or worn in a bun. She often wears a white apron and chef's hat, but has many different aprons and hats, as well as chef's uniforms. Usually she wears a collared shirt under the apron and either a skirt or long pants.

A "/ck/" is sometimes printed on her apron.


She's often energetic, peppy, and bubbly. Can act motherly and nurturing when she wants to, but is usually more harsh, yet unintentionally humorous. She takes food seriously when in the kitchen or preparing it and is very headstrong. She knows a great deal about saving and managing money when it comes to grocery shopping.

She likes coffee and adds different spices and herbs to suit her mood or needs. Also likes meat; preparing it, cooking it, and occasionally hunting it. Really likes alcohol as well, but never seems to get drunk.

She dislikes picky eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and people who want their steaks well-done.

Sometimes she's depicted as owning and running her own restaurant.

Best not to mention meatbread around her... or sketti for that matter.


She's married to /co/, the reason for which is because in the board listings used to be "/ co / ck /" and anons thought /co/ck/ was the best pairing ever. Their relationship's been pretty stable as long as /co/ keeps his unrelated content out of the kitchen, though when the content IS related, magical things can happen. Valentine's Days are extremely annoying and hectic for them since that's when DRAMA always gets forced. In some of the /co/verse settings, they have a son, Kid Cookie.

She gets along well with /k/ and /an/ as they help supply her with fresh herbs/vegetables/meat.

Does not get along well with /fit/ due to his eating habits.

Has a strained relationship with /tg/ after he tried to court her and the horrific "meatbread incident".

Dislikes /b/ and his constant "get back to the kitchen" cracks, but knows how to put him in his place with threats of not sharing food with him.

Isn't afraid of /d/, one time she mistook /d/'s tentacles for ingredients which lead to /d/ having a bad hair day.

Often cooks meals for the younger board-tans.