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On the left

Alt Name





Depicted as 10 - 12 usually


/y/ (older brother)

/cm/ - Cute/Male

Board created sometime prior to August, 2004.


/cm/-tan is depicted as a young male with cat ears and bright blue hair. He changes outfits frequently, sometimes he wears a scarf, sometimes a pet collar, sometimes just normal casual clothing.


He's rather ignorant to sexual innuendos, but unlike /c/, he's at least aware that he's not picking up on something when they're brought up. He dislikes being treated like a child (despite being one) and would rather hang out with more mature company. This often fails miserably since he's still too young to enjoy the things adults do.

He's obsessed with being cute, even though he doesn't know why and refuses to admit it no matter how obvious it is. He'll pretend he's manly to try and hide this.


He gets along well with boards that share his interests. Typically he hangs out with the younger board-tans like /c/ and /i/, even though he'd rather hang out with the older male board-tans.

/c/ thinks he's adorable, but he's still sort of in his "girls are icky phase," though he will have tea parties and do other more girly things with her. He says he does this because he doesn't have anyone else to hang out with, though there might be more to it.

Has a rivalry with Viol (the male /vp/ twin). In general, the /vp/ twins sometimes think he's a pokémon and try to catch him, or a trainer and try to battle him. This usually ends with /cm/ getting hurt.

He shares nearly all of his interests with /y/, his older brother, but he can't understand /y/'s weird fetishes and /y/ can't understand /cm/'s non-sexually explicit thoughts. It's unclear if /y/ has soiled his innocence yet.

Any familial relations to /hm /and /lgbt/ are unknown.