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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Board created: November 10th, 2011.


/diy/-tan is depicted as a guy with a pointed chin, prominent ears, a thin face, and orange hair worn in a pointy pompadour. Usually wears either a short sleeve flannel shirt with suspenders or a MacGyver jacket with a t-shirt underneath that has "DIY" printed on it vertically in big letters. Often seen wearing loose-fitting cargo jeans and hiking boots.

He always has welding or safety glasses on his head and a tool belt around his waist.


He's got an eager, can-do attitude. Generally nice and helpful, but occasionally over-the-top with projects. Often uses a blowtorch when one is not necessary or over does it with the crazy glue. Really wants to be MacGyver and can probably pull it off.

Likes to talk a lot and try to get others to get along.


People acknowledge he gives better advice than /adv/.

Has been known to bother /o/ when he's working on cars. Once went to Las Vegas with /o/ and /m/ where he tried mediating so they won't fight as much when they misplaced the car.

/an/ can get very angry at him when he glues something to an animal.

Very strange and often terrifying things can happen if he's left to work with /d/.