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Depicted as late teens



/e/ - Ecchi

Board created January 19th, 2005.


/e/-tan is most often depicted as a girl in her late teens with long brown (or in some cases purple) hair worn in pigtails that reach her waist, they are held up by hairpins with "/e/" printed on them, or sometimes in the shape of a large "e". She has a nice figure and decent sized breasts. /e/ favors clothes that compliment her curves, they mainly consist of skirts, tight jeans, tank tops, and anything that has the possibility of an easily avoidable (but all too possible) wardrobe malfunction.

Sometimes an "/e/" can also be seen on her panties when they end up exposed.


/e/ is a total klutz, she is constantly tripping over things or getting her cloths caught in ways that end up exposing her panties or more of her cleavage than she'd prefer to show; this is primarily played for comedic purposes. She has a deep understanding of social circles and can easily climb the social ladder in just about any group. She is not an attention whore though, she uses her good looks and fashion sense to mask her insecurities about her appearance; she is obsessed with what the perfect body should look like.

She'd like to become a model.


/e/ always attempts to distance herself from the other board-tans as she considers them freaks and misfits. She just wants to live a "normal" life, but the craziness surrounding her prevents this from ever being a possibility. She may work part-time as a waitress in /ck/'s diner.

/d/ and /h/ are almost like siblings to /e/, but she tries to avoid them because she considers them to be perverted freaks.

May or may not have had a fling with /v/, but it looks like she just got caught up in the drama storm of the Winter Ball.