F is stuck in the past

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Depicted as mid 20s


/b/ (in some unknown way maybe)

/f/ - Flash

Board created February 19th, 2004.


/f/-tan is usually depicted as a black male (because shoop da whoop) with poorly kept black hair worn in an afro. He wears a pendant with the Adobe flash insignia on it styled to look like an "/f/". He usually wears shorts and a t-shirt with whatever the current flavor of the day is on /f/, though it's most commonly a loli cat girl wearing a dress.


He doesn't really get out much because he's on his computer all day, and because of this he hasn't changed at all since 2007. He is sometimes thought to be stuck in the past when he displays confusion over current events he has no knowledge of. He has an interest in flash animation, anime, music, and loli cat girls. While he knows what makes good animation, he doesn't have the skills to make one himself, though that doesn't stop him from trying. When his skin color inevitably gets brought up in conversation, he'll mention he knows where the hood's at.

He's also a loudmouth when he talks, which isn't too often.


He's distant from nearly every other board; the only time the other boards come to visit him is when Zone or some other porn artist comes to visit. He might be a close relative of /b/, but there's no way of knowing since he doesn't like talking about it.

/f/ is one of the few boards shown to be friends with /jp/ since they both have a fondness for Touhou and other Japanese culture oriented flashes.