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/fa/ - Fashion

Board created: February 19th, 2008.


/fa/-tan is depicted as a pale white guy who is extremely underweight, has dark eye-circles from sleep deprivation, and dark brown hair which he often wears in a Hitler Youth haircut.

His clothes alternate between chic and ridiculous, but all of them are "fashionable."

He's often seen smoking a cigarette.


He's a total bitch. Hates everything everyone is wearing, except for what he is wearing because it's the best (and expensive). You don't know shit about fashion in his eyes, but he will still ask how he looks in a specific garment. In spite of his weird tastes, he does seem to know how to properly dress, regardless of what your age, skintone, or environment is.

He smokes because it looks "cool," not because he enjoys it.


Love/hate homosexual relationship with /fit/, where he is the top.

Doesn't like how /cgl/ keeps trying to be like him because lolita is not a fashion; they still share makeup pointers and help each other out with that kind of thing sometimes. He's often embarrassed to be seen around her.

One of the few board-tans that actually knows and interacts with /po/.

Is friends with /mu/, or at least listens to music with him.

Will occasionally give into vigilantism and fight crime with /co/ when he sees a particularly god awful superhero costume.

Gets into arguments with /an/ whenever she catches him wearing fur or leather.

Gets looks of disapproval from /ck/ due to his poor eating habits.