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/fit/ - Fitness (formerly Health & Fitness)

Board created: February 19th, 2008.


/fit/'s board-tan is depicted in one of three ways: A huge guy with blond hair who's head is almost always off panel, a manlet, or a bald guy with a white palette who has well defined facial features and muscles.

What they all have in common is that they're in great shape. Usually there's also a "/fit/" printed on their shirts.

The most popular of the versions is the one who appears in SIR's /fit/ comics.


His manlet complex makes him incredibly self-conscious. As a means of asserting himself, he took to weightlifting and later described his reason for working out as "for girls" despite clearly admiring men. He is still too socially awkward and uncomfortable to interact meaningfully with anyone, yet he will insist that he has copious amounts of sex. Knows how to sculpt a body well and has a strict dietary and exercise regiment, consisting of absolutely no cardio whatsoever.

/fit/ would like to be alpha, but all the muscle in the world can't make him confident enough.

Is known to be very emotional.


Most of the other boards are weaklings to him, and he is the only one who qualifies as natty. Has a deep-seated love for the angel of gains, Zyzz, and his newer still-living idol known only as Scooby.

He admires /fa/ due to his ability to dress well, though he wishes he wasn't a skeleton. Has a love/hate homosex relationship with him, where /fit/ is the bottom. Thinks /cgl/ might be a rival for /fa/'s attention, though she'd just as willingly fawn over his muscles.

Might have a rivalry with /asp/ when it comes to working out.

/ck/ does not approve of his diet.