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Depicted as early 30s



/g/ - Technology

Board created (with its current topic) January 19th, 2005.


/g/-tan is commonly depicted as being in poor physical health, swinging rapidly from bordering on anorexic to being obese. This is due to him often forgetting to eat and having a diet consisting mainly of junk food, his sleeping habits (or lack thereof) also contribute to this. He wears glasses, keeps his hair short, and has a short beard.

If a "/g/" is displayed anywhere on his person, it's usually on his shirt.


Saying /g/ loves technology would be an understatement. He lives to work on computers and pursue the latest technological developments. It is unknown how he pays for any of this, though he may have a fortune in Bitcoins. /g/ is apt to tinker with GNU/Linux distributions, desktop computer components, and ricer tools like Rainmeter. He knows far more about computers than most people ever care to.

He is arrogant, socially awkward, and at times ill-informed about anything that isn't technology. His overconfidence with the machines he tinkers with can lead to some really ridiculous problems, but he's always managed to put things back the way they were before he "upgraded" them so far.

His catchphrase is "Install Gentoo".


His social awkwardness and inability to understand typical social norms make it difficult for him to interact with the other boards, though he does play video games with /v/ from time to time.

He is also usually the first to find a solution when something really breaks in the 4chanhouse setting.