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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Board created on: March 18th, 2013.


The original depiction of /gd/-tan so far is an adult woman who is kind of chubby (or at least thick), has freckles, and is probably black.

She usually wears a v-neck shirt with a large x-shaped logo on it, is often seen holding a tablet, and always seems to have a pair of goggles or glasses on her forehead.

The modern and mostly accepted depiction of /gd/ is a white cat named Kerning (stylized as Keming for humor). He has a vectored look consisting of a cylindrical body, two stubby arms, a tail, two ears shaped like right-angled triangles, a stomach outlined by an oval, and a constant 'cat face' emotion (:3) on his face.


Likes art and technology. Is into the retro-gaming scene.

Kerning: Edit

Kerning's thing, whether or not he knows it, is giving out bad graphics design advice (unless it's something like "make the logo bigger" or "it needs to pop a little more"). His advice includes, but is not limited to, saving logos as a .jpg, disregarding text leaning and kerning, and using excessive effects such as blurs and perspective. Sometimes when giving out advice, he changes form based on the advice (such as becoming ridiculously grainy when suggesting somebody add noise to their logo, or distorting horribly when suggesting a perspective or polar inversion effect).

An avid supporter, and captain of, /gd/'s football team.


Gets along with /3/ and /po/ who share some interests.

/sp/ loathes Kerning after he helped relegate /sp/ in the 4chan Cup (eventually keeping them in the lower tier for over a year). A two goal defeat would have sent /sp/ down, a feat achieved with two goals in the last ten minutes of the match. To this day, Kerning's favorite thing to say is "It's two!" as a reference to the commentator's famous line uttered after Kerning set up his teammate for the decisive second goal.

Also seems to hang around with /ic/ and /qa/.