Gif is surprisingly non animated
This isn't animated at all

Alt Name





Depicted as mid 30s


/wsg/ (?)

/gif/ - Adult GIF (formerly Animated GIF)

Board created February 26th, 2005.


/gif/-tan has almost never been drawn, probably because making .gifs is harder than making static pictures. As such, he has not had much development.

In his rare (and possibly only) depiction, he is a pleasantly plump individual with a beret and a thin hook mustache.


He's some kind of director who makes short erotic films, he used to make all kinds of films, but now he's strictly in the porno market.

Always demanding to know the source of images.

How he feels about .webms varies wildly.


Yells at /r/ a lot to find him things with questionable success.

He doesn't really ever interact with the other boards since /gif/ is a board that doesn't care about board-tans at all, and probably isn't even aware of them.

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