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Depicted as mid 20s


/d/ (sister?)

/h/ - Hentai

Board created October 2nd, 2003.


/h/ is depicted as a young woman who is a bit on the short side with shoulder length hair, sometimes she also has a beauty mark next to her right eye. She is also always naked or in a state of undress, often times seen holding a dildo or some other sex toy when not engaging in a sexual act.

She is sometimes seen as having dead-eyes which causes some of the other board-tans to suspect she is a robot. The fact that she does not seem to sleep, eat, or shit further fuels this rumor.


/h/ knows exactly one thing, and that thing is hentai. She will not tolerate the discussion of anything other than hentai in her presence. She also has no tolerance for anyone asking for sources or porn of western content in origin.

Her room is full of mountains of hentai, drawn or animated, and she obsessively adds on to. She's rather boring though.

She has an uncanny magical resistance to hypnosis and similar mind controlling powers, but pretends to be hypnotized anyway. She says weird phrases during sex in a high pitched voice which she insists she isn't doing on purpose (she's doing it on purpose, trying to act cute).


She is on pleasant terms with /e/ (though /e/ does not share the sentiment), tolerant of /d/ (so long as /d/ discusses only eastern porn), and has no time or patience for /co/ since /co/ is western content only.

She might actually be /d/'s older sister, they are related somehow.