His in day clothes

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/his/ - History & Humanities

Board created: October 31st, 2015

Notable for being the second image board created during Hiro's ownership of 4chan.


/his/-tan resembles a marble statue of ancient Greek philosophers, or maybe he actually is an ancient Greek statue of a philosopher; it varies between the two. He is always depicted as being the color of marble and having a lush beard.

He usually wears a white toga, but will wear more casual clothing if the situation calls for it.


/his/ tells it as it is and how it happened, anything else is unacceptable. He seems to have a very low tolerance for bullshit and does not like to be social.

His hobby is keeping meticulous records of everything that has ever happened.


He does not get along with /pol/, /lit/ or /int/ since they practice revisionist history or tell jokes that are too off-color for him.

He seems to have either a daughter or a young assistant who frequently messes up his notes and re-writes history.

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