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Mid to late 20s



/hm/ - Handsome Men

Board created sometime during February of 2012.


/hm/-tan is depicted as having very well defined muscles, tanned or at least slightly dark skin, and always in a state of undress or getting undressed.

Has two male symbols (♂) connecting on his left pecs; likes Hawaiian shirts and chino shorts.

He's usually seen with a smart phone of some kind.


He's the "boy next door" for some board-tans. He's easily mistaken for being completely straight, though he is very open about his fondness for men (he's more gay than bi anyway). His tastes are more geared towards beefy manly-men rather than the slender types /y/ obsesses over. He also isn't as sexually aggressive as /y/, choosing to spend his time on hookup apps on his phone.


He doesn't talk much with the other board-tans. He did invite /asp/ to the 2014 Winter Ball, but /asp/ thought it was a fighting event and just beat people up when they arrived. Aside from that, they had a good time.

Admires /fit/'s physique.

Thinks the child board-tans are adorable.

He and /y/, ironically enough, totally ignore each other.