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Depicted as about 7


/ic/ (older brother)

/i/ - Oekaki (to draw)

Board created on... on... date not found.


/i/-tan is depicted as a little girl with blond hair which she wears in two or three ponytails. She sometimes has an "/i/" printed on her shirt and other times wears an "/i/" on her forehead which sticks up above her head.

I rainbow

More details

She is often poorly drawn, or like that of a child's crayon drawing to reflect on the rough artwork usually drawn on /i/, though she is drawn with greater detail just as frequently.


/i/ is always drawing, the content of which is typically sexual in nature, though she doesn't seem to realize it's inappropriate. She likes drawing fan-art of things she likes, especially anime. Her drawing abilities are... inconsistent. Sometimes she's able to draw things that rival her big brother's works, other times they're just scribbly doodles or blotches of color.

She receives plenty of attention for them regardless.


She is always with her big brother, /ic/, and is constantly working to gain his acceptance. However, /ic/ rebukes her because her art skills are poor, though he thinks all art is shit anyway.

Sometimes the other board-tans will ask /i/ to draw something for them, other times they'll come over to borrow her art tools. In fact, it seems like there's always someone drawing with her, and it's usually more NSFW material they can't get away with on their home boards.

Often discusses crossovers and fandoms with /c/ and can be found with other child board-tans like /cm/ and /vp/.

She'll sometimes put on an eye mask and play superheroes with /co/.

Sometimes /d/ is asked to babysit her.