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Late 20s/early 30s


/i/ (Younger sister)

/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

Board created January 27th, 2005.


/ic/-tan us often depicted as an overweight guy with short red hair, thick eyebrows, stubble, poor hygiene, seldom wears a shirt, and tends to have the button and fly of his pants open. He's almost always smoking a cigarette and/or drinking hard alcohol, yet never seems drunk.

His hair is red because everything needs redlining.


He's an art critic that seldom approves of anything and always tells people to read Loomis.

He is angry, blunt, and comes off as offensive, but that's because he's brutally honest. Though his brutal honesty is often helpful.

His catchphrase is "All Art Is Shit".


/i/ is always seen hanging around him, but he often rebukes her attempts to gain his approval. He is sometimes confused or disturbed by /i/'s overwhelming tendency to draw sexual content and may or may not feel depressed thinking people like his sister more than him.

He'll often provide critique for any of the other board-tans whether or not they ask for it. Rarely, he'll draw something for them, or re-draw whatever they were working on.

Has been known to try and help /co/ and /tg/ with their larger projects.

Hates most anime, or at least the style used in most anime.