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[s4s] (wife)

/int/ - International

Board created: January 25th, 2010.


/int/-tan is depicted as a young woman with blond hair, blue eyes, and an incredibly dark skin-tone, but she insists she's "white like Argentina."

Wears an Iron Cross as a hair decoration.


/int/ speaks improper English with a heavy accent, or no English at all with all her lines being translated. She believes all other races (besides white) are inferior and has a vast knowledge of races and nations, much of which is based entirely on personal encounters. She likes Polandball comics and making fun of other countries, especially America. Has a love-hate relationship with Japan because it tells her ridiculous things.


Despite playing the role of strange foreigner, she gets along with most of the other boards.

She is supportive of /pol/ when he's spouting his racial agenda, but otherwise thinks he's just another crazy American. They may be romantically attracted to each other, but neither is willing to admit it and /pol/ denies having any such feelings. /pol/ spends a lot of time around her, even back when he was still /new/.

Gets on /co/'s case for liking "delicious brown" girls.

Pals around with /sp/ and [s4s] when they're getting up to some "dank memes."