Maid j

Alt Name

Janitor, Mod, Maid




Over 18



/j/ - Janitor & Moderator Discussion

Board created: ???


/j/ is not exactly represented by a board-tan, but by a maid, or in some cases (usually by /v/) a mod-tan. This is because /j/ is a hidden board accessible only to the 4chan staff.

Focusing on the maid, she has blue hair (usually worn in a ponytail), blue eyes, and a blue maid uniform with a boob window that's often covered by a handkerchief or a ribbon of some kind. She usually wears an apron with the 4chan logo printed on it.

Often seen with a broom or a b& hammer.


Extremely fickle. Sometimes she's highly efficient at her job of making sure everyone follows the rules to the point where it gets annoying, other times she'll slack off and play video games or sleep in, ignoring any calls for help.

"She does it for free." as /v/ would say.


She doesn't really have proper relationships with the other board-tans, cleaning up after them is her job.

/jp/ in particular makes a lot of messes, or at least her messes are the ones the maid will clean up the fastest.

/a/ is also closely watched.

/v/ has mixed feelings of love and hate towards her.

/co/ can never get her attention when he needs help and only ever has her attention when he really doesn't want it.