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/v/ (Dad maybe?), /a/ (?)

/jp/ - Otaku Culture

Board created: February 20th, 2008.


/jp/-tan is most often depicted as a little girl with glasses, has black hair worn in twin braids, usually wears a dress, and always looks grumpy. This design originates from the epilogue of Three Angled Blue's Rage vs Cancer comic where she is /v/ and /a/ (pre-trap redesign)'s daughter.

Sometimes /jp/-tan is depicted as being wrapped in a blanket to the point where only thick round glasses are visible.


She likes to be left alone and spends most of her time in her room playing games most people have never heard of. Even though she's a child, she pretends to be the smartest person in present company.

She's strict on proper language and punctuation and is sometimes called a weeaboo, though she adamantly denies having any admiration for the Japanese. She is tsundere about Japanese culture; whenever someone asks her about it (an act that annoys her greatly) she pretends to hate it and shoos them away. She can identify anything Japanese though.

/jp/-tan compulsively judges everyone she meets, especially female characters, and divides them into two categories: "good girl" and "slut." She generally has no real cohesion as to what sets them apart. In fact, she's more naive than she lets on about topics that are of a sexual nature.

A master of nitpicking and Touhou.


She was once good friends with /a/; back when they still lived together, they shared many of the same interests. One day they grew apart, mostly because she thought /a/ was too normal for her tastes, though truthfully she was kicked out because of her extreme obsessions. She has no regrets.

Has a hateful relationship with /v/, which is returned in full. Surprisingly, she gets along well with /vr/, possibly because /vr/ doesn't understand half of the things she talks about and cannot be offended by them.

She looks up to /tg/ and wants to be good friends with him, but her reluctant nature prevents her from making any meaningful contact. Still manages to have Touhou Tuesdays with him every so often.

She believes /d/ is a "good girl," probably because she's too young for /d/ to get her tentacles into.

She has a somewhat good relationship with /g/ even though she can't explain why. Some say it was due to a spell cast by the ancient wizard of /prog/.

Because of her pseudo-intellectual profile, she loathes /b/ and his way of acting.