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Alt Name

/k/ommando, /k/omrade




Depicted as mid 30s or older


/an/ (wife), /out/ (daughter)

/k/ - Weapons

Board created September 8th, 2004.


/k/-tan is often depicted as tall and lean with brown hair, and sometimes with unkempt facial hair that varies between thick sideburns or a beard. He's almost always wearing a hat or helmet with "/k/" printed on the front of it and usually has on sunglasses or some other form of eye protection. Typically he wears a hunting vest or some form of body armor with lots of pouches; these sometimes have a patch with "/k/" printed on them. He always has a knife on him somewhere.


/k/ loves guns to the point where he could be considered gun sexual at times (but not all the time since he loves other things too). While his marksmanship is sometimes questionable, he is obsessively affectionate towards his hundreds, possibly thousands, of firearms, meticulously cleaning and maintaining them. He is passionate about other weapons as well (with the exception of katanas), and is extremely knowledgeable about outdoor living. He likes living in foxholes and other makeshift camps.

/k/ is always prepared for a fight and is difficult to catch off-guard; he always has a weapon on his person which he knows how to use to at least some degree. He also keeps ammo and supply caches hidden seemingly everywhere, yet he is the only one who can find them.

He's always ready to go innawoods if some society destroying calamity happens.


His great love of the outdoors sparked an immediate attraction with /an/ and they became hunting buddies (so long as /k/ uses all of what he kills) as well as romantically involved. /k/ and /an/ later married and had /out/ (even before /out/ was a board). He's extremely protective of /out/, but doesn't know how to deal with her when she's in her teenager mode.

He's friends with /trv/ and one of the few people to have actually seen him when he's around.

He'll sometimes participate in various wargames with /tg/, but insists upon using actual military techniques. Often has conversations with /x/ about preparing for various forms of the apocalypse.

Dislikes /pol/ and /b/ since they are always trashing his lawn.