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/lit/ - Literature

Board created: January 25th, 2010.


/lit/-tan is depicted as a man with a pointed nose (often stuck in the air) and thick glasses. A stereotypical book learning intellectual-type.

Wears buttoned up collared shirts.


/lit/ is horribly elitist and snobby, he spends much of his time discussing literature with varying degrees of civility. Lesser-known or genuinely good books tend to be treated with respect, while mainstream titles or awful artists are endlessly derided. Mentioning Ayn Rand around him will result in a very passionate tirade about how she was a fool or a genius, usually creating such a commotion that you will be b&.


/lit/-tan sees himself as the most intelligent or enlightened board-tan and refuses to dabble in other subjects. This snobbery and his extremely narrow repertoire of interests distances him from many of the other board-tans, which he enjoys very much.

/co/ and /tg/ have tried to befriend him before, but found it was an impossible task.

He once threw a Great Gatsby fanatic at /v/ to rile him up, for laughs.