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Alt Name

/m/en, /m/usashi, Musashi Mektan






/a/ (brother), /vp/ (niece and nephew), /co/ (cousin)

/m/ - Mecha

Board created sometime before August 16th, 2004. Exact date missing.


Prior to July 19th, 2012, /m/-tan had no real consistent look. It varied between a guy in a cardboard box, to a pretty boy mechanic, to a hotblooded guy with muscles and long red hair. This troubled some anons of /m/ as they were close with other boards that had board-tans with consistent appearances, so they reworked him from the ground up and this is the end result.

/m/-tan's current look is inspired by Gavan, with Ryoma's sideburns, a Gundam helmet, Rider scarf, M logo stolen from Titanium Ranger, Zaku shoulderpad (also referencing the Last Red Shoulder), and he has inherited Megaman's Mega Buster in the form of the Mega Toaster.


/m/ can be very indecisive, but will argue fiercely even if he is wrong. He has an obsession with justice and courage, making him extremely hotblooded at times. He can also be incredibly arrogant at times too, usually during the 4chan Cup, as he is incredibly good at soccer.

One of his hobbies is building Gunpla, but he's terrible at it and usually settles for SD kits instead. He considers himself the AkaRed of Gundam, which he is disappointed in these days, also pretends he hates tokusatsu but actually loves it. He favors fighting for federations and empires over principalities and rebellions.


/m/-tan is either wearing a power suit or is a cyborg/robot. As such, he's open to power-ups, upgrades, gattai, new weapons/items, etc. He has at least two motorcycles (the M-Lion and M-Unicorn) that are able to transform and combine with him.

His greatest weapon is his Mega Toaster, which is able to fire toast missiles (seeker or otherwise), gives him a jump boost high enough to reach outer space, and pretty much anything else he needs it to do. It's a toaster because there is a frequent argument made on /m/ that toasters are more /m/ related than many of the things actually discussed on /m/.

His special attack is the Colony Drop.


/a/ is his brother, with whom he fights often with. However, they do share an interest in giant robots.

/m/ is romantically involved with /toy/ (Tori version), their relationship blossomed after he asked her to the 2012 4chan Summer Prom with a colony drop; they've been together ever since. /toy/ is the only one who /m/ lets touch his Gunpla.

His hotblooded nature and obsession with justice often gets him involved with /co/ in the fight against crime. Sometimes some of /m/'s OCs even crossover into the /co/verse settings.

Due to his great soccer skills, he has a not-so-friendly rivalry with /sp/.