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/mu/ - Music

Baord created: April 8th, 2006.


/mu/-tan is depicted as a young man who is frequently seen wearing headphones of various types. He's skinny, but of average build. Usually wears flannel shirts and more often than not has a a potato slice for a face... or is it a pancake? A drum, maybe?


/mu/ loves music, especially the kind you've never heard of. He spends hours upon hours of the day listening to music and thinks of everyone else as a pleb for their tastes in music.

He's very quiet and seldom talks to anyone, but obsessively corrects people about musical based terms and subjects. He tends to listen to some music to look cool, not because he actually likes it. Has an odd fascination with background noise like falling rain. Has dove so deep into irony that not even he knows if he's being ironic or not.

Might have religion based on all the Christian music he listens to.


He tends to dismiss the music /v/ and /a/ listen to as "not real music," and the other boards aren't sure if he really likes Kanye or if it's just a joke.

Sometimes hangs out with /fa/, and by extension /cgl/ and /fit/. They're the closest he has to a group of friends.

Is currently dating /out/.