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/n/ - Transportation (formerly Trains, formerly Nature & Wildlife, formerly News)

Board created (in its current form): February 19th, 2008.


/n/-tan's appearance is almost always a darkened silhouette. Strangely enough, this effect persists even when he is in full view and engaged in conversation, though stranger still, his clothes will appear normal.


/n/ is a man of many hobbies, but they all only hold his interest for so long. He used to be into anything about trains, then he was into nature, then he was a reporter, now he's all about transportation.

His most prominent passion is bicycles. He knows a great deal about other modes of getting around, but really, he absolutely loves his bike. At nearly any given time he can be seen riding his incredibly expensive racing bike around, occasionally honking at passersby with an obnoxious horn.


He doesn't really socialize much with the other board-tans.

/new/ was disappointed when /n/ gave up being a reporter. When /new/ became /pol/, /n/ sent him a get well soon gift.

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