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/news/ - Current News

Board created: November 28th, 2015

Notable for being the first text board created during Hiro's ownership of 4chan, and also the first text board to actually get a board-tan.


/news/-tan is depicted as a young paperboy distributing newspapers. He has brown hair, wears overalls with "/news/" printed somewhere on them, and is seen with a spider since an anon made a news aggregator especially for /news/ called SPIDR.


Wants to give people the news, no matter what the news is. He displays varying levels of disgust when he is made to distribute information he does not feel is news worthy.

He's often depicted smoking a cigarette, much like a stereotypical street rat during economic down times (think orphan in early 20th century London) or rural free range children. He developed this habit from the high stress of reporting "stupid crap".


/pol/ took a special interest in him when he showed up at the 4chan house, but /news/ seems to have avoided being molded by /pol/ into his image.

He doesn't take shit from /v/ and often calls him out on trying to push clickbait articles; he goes to extremes such as burning any "news" /v/ brings him.

Hiro seems to not hold him in high regards.