O gangster
There aren't many pics to choose from

Alt Name



Male (two out of three times anyway)


Depicted as mid 20s



/o/ - Auto

Board created September 8th, 2004.


/o/-tan's appearance is widely contested as /o/ has never managed to reach a consensus on what kind of person they want.

In one iteration he's described as a frail old man with greying hair with paper thin skin who shakes constantly but becomes as steady as a surgeon when he's holding a wheel or a wrench. Wears mainly mechanic jumpsuits, oil stained ancient coveralls, and occasionally a polo shirt with neatly pressed trousers, and driving loafers.

In another iteration he's either Italian or Hispanic and sports a mustache or goatee. This version is shown wearing baggy pants, a tank top, and owns a garage.

In yet another iteration, /o/-tan is WAT-tan. A girl wearing a white racing suit with peach colored hair worn in either massive pigtails or kept short. She apparently likes anime and racing.


It varies, there is nothing consistent about this board-tan. Sometimes bitter and insufferable, sometimes happy and eager to help.


Shares interests with /m/ and /diy/, both of which can annoy /o/ with unnecessary or pointless modification suggestions. Went to Vegas once with them and lost the car, not because of a bad gamble, but because it got modified into a brightly colored giant robot and blended in too well with its surroundings.

May or may not be on speaking terms with /trv/.