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Alt Name

Sc/out/, Galaxy




Child - Teenager


/k/ (father), /an/ (mother)

/out/ - Outdoors

Board created: March 18th, 2013.


Her design predates the board itself.

/out/-tan's child design is often depicted as a little girl with cat ears who wears a bullet proof vest that's just a little bit too big for her.

She was later aged up some and wears a scout uniform (complete with a filled up sash) or a park ranger uniform complete with a ranger hat that has "/out/" printed on the front of it.

She usually has at least some hiking equipment on her person.


/out/-tan spends most of her time innawoods, coming and going as she pleases. She maintains an upbeat outlook as she tires to do most things on her own. She has extensive knowledge when it comes to camping, growing her own food, hiking, foraging, trapping, and other outdoor activities.

She likes to be prepared and is skilled with a shotgun of some variety.


Her relationship with her father, /k/, became strained after she became a teenager and told him she doesn't like guns. She might just be going through a rebellious phase though.

Childhood friend with /asp/.

She sometimes tries to lure /b/ or one of the other board-tans she doesn't like into the parts of the woods where /x/'s monsters live so they might get eaten. /k/ always assaults them before they get close enough to /out/ for it to work though.

Gets along well with the other child board-tans, but isn't around them too often.

Is currently banging /mu/.