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/p/ - Photography

Board created (in its current form) January 27th, 2005.


/p/-tan is depicted as a young, skinny looking man who is always carrying a camera, camera equipment, or photographs. He typically wears a suit and a hat that has a slip of paper in it with a "/p/" printed on it.

There is nothing remarkable about his appearance, and he's usually hidden behind a camera of some kind anyway.


He mainly discusses camera techniques, photos, and equipment. He is remarkably more civil than most of his peers and almost never becomes involved with their antics unless he is photographing them.


He is the only person who knows /trv/ personally and tends to help him prior to one of his big expeditions. No one looking for information about /trv/ ever thinks to ask /p/ about him.

He was friends with /x/ back when she was General Photo.

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