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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

Board created: April 6th, 2006.


/po/-tan is depicted as a young woman with brown, short hair (sometimes purple) worn in either a bun or a ponytail which always has a paper chain in it. She has a petite figure, small breasts (which she is sometime self-conscious of), and is a little short.

Usually she wears either a purple shirt with straps or purple sweater that hangs down over one shoulder; prefers shorts. Always seen wearing glasses.


She is often said to be anti-social and spends a good deal of time alone at home, folding paper.

She is incredibly skilled at origami and can make almost anything out of paper.


/tg/ has tried inviting her to the annual prom/ball/dance/social gathering, but is always rejected. One time /po/ actually made a full scale paper dragon to scare him off.

People often confuse her with /pol/ when they don't take the time to properly read things. Neither of them are aware of the other.

Sometimes hangs out with /fa/ or /cgl/.

/x/ believes /po/ is some sort of ghost or spirit.