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Mid 20s to early 40s



/q/ - 4chan Feedback (formerly 4chan Discussion, formerly Questions)

Board originally created: March 1st, 2004.

Board created in its most recent incarnation: August 8th, 2012

Board deleted: September 18th, 2013.


/q/-tan is depicted as a woman with long brown hair worn in a bun or ponytail, a streak of grey can be seen in it when she is sufficiently upset. She wears glasses, a business suit with a skirt, green or purple undershirt, a purple necklace, high heels, and pantyhose. Her eyes are green.


Her job is acting as moot's secretary, a role she tries to take seriously. She can be a bit irritable, but she wants to help, she really does; this makes her a long-suffering type who's barely tolerant with all the shit she has to put up with though.

She almost always has a clipboard and pencil on her person so she can record any issues the other boards share with her. She has a dislike of pens, but feels they are more bureaucratic than her favored pencils.

Will play the part of a therapist for the other board-tans when called upon to do so.


Each board comes to her with problems which she tries to resolve.

She helped /tg/ get spoilers.

She helped /co/ increase the bump/image limit.

She got /sp/ flags.

She messes with /a/ to try and kick the elitism out of him.

She fights with /v/ while trying to make him do anger management sessions.

She even tried to help /x/ with her many physiological issues.

However, she's not one to stick around and only appears when moot (or whoever is in charge) has need of her services.

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