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/qst/ - Quests

Board created: April 28th, 2016

Notable for being the fifth image board created during Hiro's ownership of 4chan.


/qst/-tan is depicted as a young child, somewhere between the ages of 7 to possibly 12. He usually hears a pot on his head with a pair of panties stretched over it (as some kind of trophy perhaps), an ascot, short sleeved shirts, shorts, and a bet with "/qst/" engraved in the belt buckle.

Most often his hair is depicted as light brown or red and he has green eyes.

Any "gear" that he has is entirely makeshift from random things he's able to find.


/qst/-tan loves to go on quests. If a task is phrased to him in the form of a quest he will happily oblige the "quest giver" to the best of his abilities. He is extremely energetic and determined once set on a quest and will often drag others into whatever he gets up to.


/qst/ was created to offload the excessive number of quest threads from /tg/, as such /qst/-tan has some relation to /tg/-tan; the nature of their relationship is debatable since he seems to have asexually budded off of /tg/-tan in some origins. /qst/-tan is either /tg/-tan's brother or son; whichever it is, /tg/-tan is designated as his guardian and has to fulfill the role of a parent, something he has mixed feelings over. /tg/-tan does make an effort not to be an asshole to him, but does get exhausted by him quickly.

/pol/-tan is one of /qst/-tan's most frequent quest givers, his quests are of questionable intent to say the least and /tg/-tan does not like /qst/-tan hanging out with /pol/-tan.

/cm/-tan often goes questing with /qst/-tan as one of his party members. What role he fills is... questionable.

[s4s]-tan is another of /qst/-tan's frequent party members.

/m/-tan and /k/-tan sometimes provide him with better gear.