R 03

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/r/ - Request

Board created (in its current form) January 8th, 2004.


/r/-tan is most commonly depicted as a thin young man with short dark hair who wears a bomber jacket and a bandanna. He is always seen carrying a saddlebag/messenger bag from which he can pull sources from.

He often has bags under his eyes from sleep deprivation as someone is always asking for something.


/r/-tan is a mostly quiet, but this is just to mask the screaming hivemind of anons all demanding sauce until they are satisfied or starve to death. For every anon satisfied, two more will take his place in the hivemind. Prolonged exposure to the hivemind forces anons to join it.

Possibly has some mental disorder.


No one ever comes to /r/ unless they need something.

Serves as /t/'s cabin boy.

Was friends with /rs/ before his departure, death, or disappearance.

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