Rs stripper

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Mid 20s



/rs/ - Rapidshare

Created: September 5th, 2007.

Deleted: April 7th of 2014 (☀ "Goodbye to some old friends")

/rs/ was not actually a board you could post on, but a search engine that saved posts from every other board that contain mega or rapidshare links and let people search through the archived posts.


/rs/-tan is depicted as a hot male librarian who wears glasses, has short blond hair, and has a thin build. He often wears a sweater-vest and a buttoned-up collared shirt.


He's soft spoken and kindhearted; he's never offended by the kind of content those who ask for his help in finding files are looking for. He excelled as a librarian, database manager, and research assistant.

He's also kind of a slut. He's frequently seen stripping and tempting some of the board-tans who visit him.


He's good with kids, often babysits /c/ and /i/.

A childhood friend of /r/'s, but doesn't like to admit it.

Was /t/'s first mate, now he's either dead, retired, or moved away. /t/ took his loss pretty hard.